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Chanel is the director of both the 200- and 500-hour registered Yoga Alliance Program founded in 2009 with training programs in Boston and Sydney, Austrialia.  Radiant Yoga Teacher Training Program  focuses on vinyasa and restorative styles of yoga, anatomy, and community.reflects her eclectic and comprehensive background. Both pragmatic and progressive, the training provides aspiring yoga teachers and those who wish to deepen their practice with the tools necessary to cultivate a rewarding teaching path and positively affect the communities in which they live. This program is unique in offering not only a solid technical foundation but exposure to an array of inspiring philosophical, yogic and wellness related topics—all essential for creating skillful, safe, and authentic yoga classes.

Regular Price: $3500  Applications must be submitted with a deposit of $500. Payment plans available. Partial scholarships also available, please inquire for application.

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Veera: Warrior Practices
Vinyasa Yoga, Advanced Asanas, Business of Yoga, Make a Career Teaching Yoga, Professional Practice & Ethics

Shanta: Peaceful Practices
Gentle, Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama

Koshas: Layers of the Body
Structural Anatomy, Physiology, Power of Touch, Common Injuries & Modifications

Seva: Sacred Service
Sacred Activism, Community, Leadership Skills, Peaceful Practices

Vyana: Expansion & Assimilation
Energetic Anatomy, Art of Alignment & Assisting, Visual Precision, Verbal & Physical Adjustments

Bhava: Energetic Presence
Sequencing, Class Themes, Teaching Privates, Special Populations, Harnessing Your Voice & Presence, Practice Teaching

Sadhana: Personal Practice
Evolving a Consistent Self Practice, Conscious Communication Skills, Heart-Oriented Languaging.

Jhyana: Spiritual Knowledge
Yoga Sutras, Radiant Sutras, Ancient Spiritual Philosophies

Ayurveda: Science of Healing
Nutrition, Cleansing, Doshas, Nadis & Marmas, Diet Debate, Honoring Your Body Temple

Bhakti: Love & Devotion
Mantra Translation & Practice, Chanting, Ancient Hindu Mythology, Living with Grace & Devotion